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Greg Cook




Phone number and ext: 620-376-4265 Ext.7711


Subjects taught: 

Technology Director, Athletic Director, Psychology, Sociology, Officiating,


Educational/ Professional History: 

Graduated from Barton County Community College and Bethany College with a BA degree in Mathematics education.



Grew up in Dighton, KS and Tribune is the only school I have taught in.


School activities/ Organizations been apart of: 

Coaching CC, Track, have coached FB and BB. Currently AD


Strengths I see for the school… 

Experience. If I haven't done it, I have had kids try to do it while I've been teaching.


What I hope students gain or learn from 

me inside and outside of the classroom…

How to be better people, life long learners, and that we all need each other to survive in this crazy world.

Greg Cook

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School Phone:
620-376-4265 Ext7711