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2021-22 School Year Updates and Resources



Greeley Coutny Patrons,

USD 200 Greeley County Schools is in need of your input.  

Thank you for taking time out of your day to help provide Greeley County Schools feedback to help effectively plan for the future and the utilization of the ESSER II & III monies. 

The Greeley County Unified School District is seeking input from our community on our spending plan for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER III) as provided by the American Rescue Plan. This grant is provided to all schools throughout the country to respond and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on students and communities. Funding from this grant will help GCS provide the necessary support and services to our students and families to ensure that they not only recover, but thrive during the next few years. 

Greeley County Unified School District is focusing on using funds strategically in the best ways possible to support student learning. Below you will find several areas in which we are exploring funding opportunities and we need your input into how we should prioritize our spending. Please take time to review these areas and provide whatever feedback you believe we require to understand the needs of our community. 

This will also be great information for our administration team and to share with our board to ensure we continue to work towards growth and improvement. 

Thank you again for your efforts at continuing to make GCS the best place for students, staff, and families. Together we will thrive. 


Please click to link to complete the survey: